Mu-Li.t Inauguration

Friday, May 12 at h 17:30, in the presence of the Mayor of Savona and other authorities from outside the region as well, will be inaugurated in the Medical Office of Dr. Alberto Macciò in Piazza Santa Cecilia, Savona the, the first permanent Exhibition of Stories and Curiosities of Medicine Built inside a real medical office.

The over 280-square-meter office, which daily welcomes dozens of patients who come for examinations and treatment from all over Italy, will thus be home to a kind of small museum where thousands of antique medical instruments as well as numerous prints and books between the 17th and 19th centuries will be on display.
Prominent among them are nineteenth-century surgical kits and a splendid pneumothorax instrument from Forlanini, but the record for rarity goes to a very valuable 1640 book on the discovery of Lymphatic Vessels (still very few copies in the world), a subject in which Dr. Macciò is considered one of the leading experts even at the International level (in fact, he is also a Member of the Executive Committee of the European Society of Lymphology).

Looking to the future through our lived experience. This, in short, is modern medicine, which, always pushing new horizons, makes use not only of individual experience but also of the experience of those who have preceded us in our millennia-old profession.
The idea of setting up a permanent exhibition of objects, prints and books on the history of medicine within a state-of-the-art specialist medical practice was born out of the need to reinforce this far-from-dichotomous vision between past and future.
To our knowledge there is only one other similar center in America but, specifically dedicated to medicine, we can consider ourselves unique in Italy.
Where the most advanced diagnostic means are present, it is necessary for both of these realities to coexist in harmony.
Alongside a state-of-the-art three-dimensional bodyscanner that uses an optical laser to map every single volume of our bodies in detail, people need to be able to collect and relive the thoughts of the great masters of the past who have gone before us, leaving it as further inspiration for progress.

The headquarters of (acronym from Museum – ) will also become a venue for cultural meetings open to citizens. In fact, next week it will already begin with a meeting on “medicine told through instruments” held by Genoese Pneumologist Paolo Ivaldi at the conclusion of the Odi et Amo – Medicine of War Congress to be held in the Priamar Fortress and which will see precisely also Dr. Macciò among the Speakers